Gaia Ajax: AspectScrollable

Aspect class for tracking "scroll events" on widgets. Widgets you attach this aspect to can raise the Scroll event when the user scrolls the widget. Either when scrolling to the bottom or when scrolling at all.

This sample shows how you can attach events to the vertical scrollbar of a Gaia Panel. By adding AspectScrollable you can easily create a widget that is dynamically being fed with items from the server as the user scrolls further down on. This sample throws an event when you scroll to the bottom of the vertical scrollbar.

Note when we are appending controls to the ControlsCollection of the Panel, they are automatically sent to our page. Also note that the image is clickable and opens a Gaia Window.

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Source Wikipedia - about Spartacus
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  • Low bandwidth usage - Easily load contents on demand
  • Flexible - Inject any Gaia Ajax Control into the LiveScroll
  • XHTML compliant - Of course
  • Small footprint - Close to zero amount of JavaScript for the live scrolling feature
  • "Just works" - Use keys, mouse or any other scrolling mechanism to initiate scrolling
  • Easy to use - All coding is done server side in C# or VB.NET

   3:      <gaia:ExtendedPanel 
   4:          runat="server" 
   5:          ID="container"
   6:          ScrollBars="None"
   7:          Caption="Live Ajax Scrolling"
   8:          Height="300px">
  10:           <gaia:Panel
  11:              ID="panel"
  12:              Style="height:300px;position:relative;"
  13:              runat="server" />
  15:      </gaia:ExtendedPanel>
  16:      <br /><br />
  18:      <hr />
  19:      <div class="features">
  20:          <h2>Features</h2>
  21:          <ul>
  22:              <li><strong>Low bandwidth usage</strong> - Easily load contents on demand</li>
  23:              <li><strong>Flexible</strong> - Inject any Gaia Ajax Control into the LiveScroll</li>
  24:              <li><strong>XHTML compliant</strong> - Of course</li>
  25:              <li><strong>Small footprint</strong> - Close to zero amount of JavaScript for the live scrolling feature</li>
  26:              <li><strong>"Just works"</strong> - Use keys, mouse or any other scrolling mechanism to initiate scrolling</li>
  27:              <li><strong>Easy to use</strong> - All coding is done server side in C# or VB.NET</li>
  28:          </ul>
  29:      </div>
  31:      <gaia:Window 
  32:          ID="bioWindow" 
  33:          runat="server" 
  34:          Caption="Biography" 
  35:          Draggable="true" 
  36:          Resizable="true" 
  37:          Minimizable="false" 
  38:          Maximizable="false" 
  39:          Closable="true"
  40:          Height="450px" 
  41:          Width="500px" 
  42:          Visible="false"
  43:          CssClass="gaiax">
  44:          <gaia:Label runat="server" ID="bioLbl" />
  45:      </gaia:Window>